The complete guide to logo startups

Graphic Design

Do good research

Before creating your brand logo, do research. Knowing your target audience, preferences, your competitors and different types of logos (font-based logos, Illustrative logos and Abstract graphic symbols) that work best within your industry. Determine which one suits your business best.

Explain your products

Your audience doesn’t want to know how your products or services work. Instead, tell them how your products can help them

Avoid unnecessary details

Never over complicate your logo. If your logo is too complex and fails to build a connection/trust with your readers, it simply is not worth it.

Follow the rule of thirds as grid outlines

Grids can help you in so many ways. They can help you properly align your design more logically and can create an understanding of where the focal point of your design will lie. It also helps you create a better brand logo.

Balance out your design elements

Balance is a very important thing for your brand logo. Make sure each visual element is balanced to create aesthetic sense and to reach an effective equilibrium.

Choose colors wisely

Don’t create a visual conflict within your brand logo by choosing too many colors. Choose fewer colors to make easier for viewers to focus on a single idea.

Stop overusing logo design effects

In this day and age logo designs are created to be minimalist and responsive. Avoid overusing Photoshop and other graphic design effects, they are not used anymore.

Inspire your audience

Do remember your logo represents your brand. Make it easily memorable by using simple icons, catchy taglines, and unique alignments to make it easily recognizable.

Use custom symbols

Use tailored made icons that are unique for your business brand and can make your logo stand out. Don’t ever go for ordinary icons that are everywhere on the internet.

Always accept feedback

Encourage your customers to give you feedback. You can collect information through various aspects of branding such as brand experience, identity and much more.

Don't forget to trademark

Once you have finished and finalized your brand new logo form your business. Make sure you secure the copyrights to that logo to prevent any violation.

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