Top tips on starting a business - part 2

Whether you are starting out full time into your new business or you are balancing your new venture against a full time 9 to 5 full-time job to give you stability it will be tough. It is very easy to become a workaholic. I speak from experience when I started I would work 12 hours days 7 days a week and still work well beyond this at times just to try and develop the business further. I even used family holidays and bank holidays to get more work done on the business. It wasn’t until I started to force myself to take time away from work that I found I would return to the business renewed with regained energy. So look after yourself when you start out, just because

Remember every step I take is a step forward.

Research and research

There is no easy answer as part of your planning process you need to research your target market. I am the first to admit I didn’t always do this and kinda found my target market almost by accident but it was a long process and it would have been far easier and cheaper if I had done this research at the outset.

Here is a great article on market research from

Getting online

Getting online was not only a benefit for my business but essential. I think and totally believed websites are vital for every business today. And if you are starting out it pays to have a professional and slick image, you need your business to look bigger than it is to attract more customers. If short you need a professional look, a badly designed website can drive potential customers away.

Building a website doesn’t have to be expensive, if you have the time and patients you can do it yourself and I do speak from experience. However, using a web designer can give you that cutting edge and get you punching above your weight sooner. There are some fantastic deals out there, web design is highly competitive, so it is worth shopping around. And when you have settled on a plain get to know you web designer for, he or she needs to know your company and its target market to inform the process.

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