Top tips on starting a business - part 3

Keeping track is very important, not only to maintain accurate accounts but also measure how you are performing towards your goals. It will help you measure the progress you are making and allows you to set new goals, modify your business plan and most importantly develop and improve your business. Personally, I tend to keep nearly daily records however weekly, monthly or quarterly it will help keep you moving forward.

Love what you do

Running a business is a way of life I believe passion is a large part of a successful business. You need to love what you are doing so that you don’t lose interest and motivation. Running your own business can allow you to a hobby into a job and who wouldn’t love to be able to do that? Plus running a business you love will attract more customers, you will have the passion to sell the business to them and offer the customer the best service possible.

Promote your business

Marketing your business can often be a daunting prospect getting it right and pushing your business towards our target market is not easy. It’s possible and achievable to do it your self but the process, like getting online can be slow and steady. That’s not to say building your brand organically is not right its just another way to achieve your ambitions. Some online marketing firms can help you to short cut towards the top but these can be expensive and when you start may not always be the best option. There are many options open to you including pay per click campaigns and AdWords from google.

The local press is always interested in a news story, so make contact with your local paper to share your story. Keep it brief and to the point, with the main information in the first paragraph. Offer an exciting headline, maybe a free service or prize to competition and make sure you include a photo!

You need to represent your business wherever you can remember it is your baby and you should be proud of it. Talk about your business, mark sure you have a good stock of business cards, make sure your email signatures sing about your brand.

Price properly

It is easy to under price when you start this can be a quick and easy way to attract some customers, think about it carefully thou because you can end up underselling your brand. I tend to be a little more pragmatic about pricing I will research what my competitors are offering and try and match this at least in the basic service. However, when you work out your pricing you must factor in the costs of the raw materials, your time, your effort, and remember you are selling not only a product to the end customer but your brand. To spend time building that brand what does it means to purchase your product or service, sell you, customers, a story about your company and what you are offering that is unique.

Price what you’re worth.

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