Top 7 reasons to choose a responsive Web Design
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As the world is getting more mobile, the number of mobile and tablets are growing. It is essential to ensure you get your brand across in web design, and the user interface is responsive and makes it easy for everyone to navigate around. Listed below are the top 7 reasons why you should choose a responsive web design.

Mobile devices are on the rise

More and more people have to use their smart devices. Every companies branding must focus on building a responsive web site. Over time you will find there are more prospects to viewing your website on a mobile device. If people find that the user interface is poor or images don’t line up, then it is very likely to lower the viewer’s opinion about your brand and will go to your competitor’s site.

Online shopping is growing

Online shopping is growing and with the help of the e-commerce industry, which has had a massive boost in the last couple of years. People instead spend time at home in the comfort of there own home rather than going to shops. You can find almost everything online today, from groceries to goods and services. A whopping 80% of shoppers are now using their smartphones to shop and browse online. If you own an online shop, you will need to ensure that the products and services you sell to the consumers look appealing and would tempt them to buy. This can only be possible done if you have a responsive web site.

Social media increases your sites traffic

These days people consume a lot of content due to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. With this in mind, people are sharing links left, right and centre, and you can use them to increase traffic on your website. For this to happen, you will need to understand the viewers viewing experience on their smart devices. With a responsive design for your web site, you can improve your social media campaign and enhance the user experience.

Improve seo through a responsive website

World-famous, Google now recommends a website to be developed with mobile responsive design in mind. Companies that have followed this have seen web site rank higher. User experience on sites that are not mobile-friendly have seen there ranking drop due to this.

Responsive design can adapt

Your mobile site would start to look amazing when you improve its responsiveness irrespective of all the different screen sizes out there. You wouldn’t be just thinking about your mobile smart device you should start thinking about smartwatches and any new devices that are coming up in the new future. You much ensure that a well thought out responsive web site design is correctly done.

Manage one site is easier

Out in the world, several companies used to run both the leading web site and a mobile site together, but then came the responsive design, which soon becomes the most preferred method.

A responsive website will be able to adapt to each device that you are viewing it on and come up with the content that suits your needs. In a whole, this means your company will have just one leading web site to manage, and you will only need to update the content just one time.

A better user experience

There is a large number of reasons for implementing a responsive design, but the goal is to make sure the user experience is engaging, and the audiences are happy with what they are seeing. A well designed, responsive site will focus on the detail of the navigation and smooth user experience.

With so many different advantages to offer, it is so essential that you choose a responsive design. Hence, users on different devices find the whole web site navigation and experience excellent when they discover your web site. Always do check on a tablet and mobile for responsive speed before making your web site live so that you have an idea about what the user’s reaction may be.

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