Using SSL encryption for your website
Web Design

Google regularly updates its search algorithms, some time ago an update from Google started to take into account with a site was protected with an SSL encryption. As a result, any site with an HTTPS was favoured and listed these higher in the search results.

ECommerce websites such as online shops have for a long time used an SSL certificate and use HTTPS so were not be affected. However, there are many websites without an SSL and with Google’s changes will begin yo mark any site without HTTPS as ‘unsafe’ and flashes a warning up to any visitors.

This is not to say that any website without an SSL is not going to be listed in the search results however by forcing webmasters to adopt this new standard should, in the long run, benefit all, bring great security and encryption to all websites.

Adding an SSL to a website may sound doubting and costly however prices can start as little £2.99 and are easy to install after a little tuition. The alternative is to employ a talented web developer to do the job for you.

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