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Managing any website takes time and commitment. Running any website requires a great deal of time from updating a blog to uploading your latest batch of products to your eCommerce shop.

At GTrekMedia we believe our client does not need this drain on their resources, that’s why we handle this for you with our Website Care and Maintenance.

WordPress is a reliable and easy to use CMS because it is continuously being updated to improve its functionality and security. We cannot stress enough how important it is to install these updates, but this takes time and technical know-how. Our Website Care Plans free our clients from these often time-consuming but important tasks, ensuring their websites are always in tip-top condition.

Website care plans save you time for more important things

Here are eight ways we can make your life easier by freeing up your time and putting your mind at ease.

Peace of mind

Software Updates: Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that we take care of your WordPress CMS, framework, and plugin updates.

Happy google & customers

Content Updates: Keeping your content fresh and up to date keeps the search engines happy and your visitors coming back.

Quick restoration

Secure Backups: Your website is essential, so we provide secure offsite backups, so in the unlikely event something goes wrong, we can restore your site immediately, and this is included in your package cost.

A reliable website

Uptime Monitoring: We provide around the clock monitoring, making sure your website is online and serving your customers.


Security Scans: We scan for security issues and check you are not being blacklisted which is essential for keeping visitors and the search engines happy.

A faster website

Database Optimisation: MySQL optimizing your website’s database helps to keep it running efficiently and fast.

Keep google happy

Performance Scans: Regular monthly performance checks will highlight any issues which might be slowing down your website. Slow is terrible for Google!

Accountability & proof

Monthly Reports: Keeping you in the loop, we will send you a monthly report detailing what we’ve done on your website during the last month.


Brendan Mills
Search Independent

Graeme could not be more helpful if he tried. I am really happy with our website and the level of expertise and support we have received has been exceptional. I will definitely be choosing to work with Graeme again in the future.

Lady Annabelle
Lady Annabelle’s Medieval Banquets

I was very impressed with GTrekmedia and the handling of my website. I spoke to Graeme about the design of my website and I was very happy with the ideas he came up with. The service was fast and the cost was within my budget. It’s great to know that any future changes I need to be made to my website will be handled by Graeme promptly and professionally.

Stephen S
Cathedral Electronics

Graeme suggested a total redesign of our webshop, no easy task with over 23,000 products, but Graeme guided us throughout the process and helped to allocate images to products, Graeme was excellent and will be our first choice of web designer in the future. He gave us a new front page, relaunched our Facebook pages and the result has been a large increase in company turn over. We really couldn’t believe how much value for money GTrekMedia gave us.

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